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Wilbur Johnson and The Gospel Persuaders: Home

The Gospel Persuaders 2013


The Life and The History of The Gospel Persuaders

The group known as The Gospel Persuaders began its journey on May 13, 1994. Mr. Wilbur R. Johnson the man that is responsible for the group ever existing did not just wake up one morning and say I think I’m going to start a gospel group. No, He has had many years of experience in the gospel music field. He has sung many years as a lead singer for various quartet groups.

However, on May 12, 1994 God lead Mr. Johnson to resign his position as a lead singer for the previous group that he had sang with for many years. After return home that night I then wondered what am I going to do. I love singing gospel quartet music. But now I don’t have anyone to sing with. I then went up stairs to my office and sat down just doing nothing. All of a sudden God answered me and said “start your own.” Me, not ever once thinking about that but after God spoke, it seem like a good idea. So on that very moment, The Gospel Persuaders were born. Now I am happy again because God spoke and I heard Him and I am going to make it happen.

But now again I am reminded that I have no equipment, no band members and no vocalists. Again, what am I going to do? Again God spoke. “You go and get the equipment and I will take care of the rest.” On Monday, the next day I got up, I am still happy, because I am going to start my own group. I then went to the music store and brought all of the musical equipment that I needed to get started. Now I am reminded, I still don’t have any members. Now, my Christian friends, this is how you will know when God is on your side. By the end of the very first week, The gospel Persuaders were full staffed and up and running. Since then, the group known as The Gospel Persuaders has only missed one engagement in 18 years of service. My Christians friends this does not mean that we have not been busy, because we have. God have really been good to The Gospel Persuaders. We have traveled many many places, seen many many things. Ministered in songs: we have song in the northern states, we have song in the southern states. We have song as far west as Houston, Texas. And on the east coast we have had the pleasure of singing at The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC. Let us be a blessing to everyone we meet and let everyone we meet be a blessing to us.

In Jesus Name We Pray



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